12 Best Trampoline Games to Play

Trampolines have long been synonymous with bouncing exhilaration and backyard fun. However, their appeal goes beyond the simple joy of bouncing up and down. With a touch of creativity, trampolines can transform into the epicenter of a myriad of exciting and entertaining games for individuals or groups.

Whether you're looking to infuse some energy into a family gathering or spice up your regular trampoline routine, these 12 trampoline games are sure to elevate your bouncing experience to new heights.

12 Thrilling Trampoline Games

1. Bouncing Tag 

A classic game of tag, but players must bounce on the trampoline to avoid being tagged. The person who is "it" must also bounce.

2. Dodgeball

Play a traditional game of dodgeball, but on a trampoline. Use a soft ball and establish clear rules to keep it safe.

3. Simon Says

A trampoline twist on the classic game. "Simon" gives commands, and players must follow them only if the command is preceded by "Simon says." If Simon doesn't say "Simon says" and someone follows the command, they are out.

4. Bounce the Balloon

trampoline balloon

Players must keep a balloon bouncing on the trampoline without using their hands. The last person to touch the balloon without letting it touch the trampoline wins.

5. Crack the Egg

One person curls up into a ball (the "egg") while others try to make them open up by bouncing around them. Once the "egg" cracks, that person joins the bouncers.

6. Trampoline Basketball

cooperative trampoline games for kids

Set up a mini basketball hoop on one side of the trampoline and have a friendly basketball game with a soft ball.

7. Musical Bounces

Play music and have players bounce around. When the music stops, they must freeze. Anyone still bouncing is out.

8. Trampoline Tug of War

Place a soft rope or scarf in the middle of the trampoline. Two players or teams try to pull the rope to their side without falling off.

9. Leapfrog

Players take turns crouching down while others jump over them. The goal is to leapfrog without touching the person crouched down.

10. Trampoline Charades

Combine the classic game of charades with bouncing on a trampoline. Act out the given word or phrase while bouncing, and others try to guess.

11. Backyard Camping

Set up a small tent on the trampoline, and have a camping adventure. Bring sleeping bags, snacks, and enjoy some stargazing.

12. Balloon Pop

Attach balloons to the trampoline netting or scatter them on the surface. Players try to pop as many balloons as possible by bouncing on them.

Outdoor Gifts for Kids

For an even more exhilarating experience, consider bringing your kids an outdoor trampoline to take full advantage of the open air and natural surroundings.

Outdoor trampolines not only provide ample space for bouncing but also offer a breath of fresh air, creating an immersive and enjoyable atmosphere for these thrilling games.

baby kids jumping on jumpfly trampoline 13

Whether nestled in your backyard or set against a backdrop of nature, an outdoor trampoline enhances the joy of these games by merging the benefits of physical activity with the beauty of the outdoors.

Just be sure to select a high-quality trampoline such as jumpfly trampoline, follow safety guidelines, and enjoy the boundless possibilities of outdoor bouncing adventures.



As you explore these trampoline games, always prioritize safety, adhere to manufacturer guidelines, and ensure appropriate supervision, especially for younger participants. Get ready to turn your trampoline into a hub of active, engaging, and laughter-filled entertainment!


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