How to Choose the Right Trampoline Size for Your Family

If you are considering getting a outdoor trampoline for kids, there are many options. Size, condition and brand are issues you need to decide. Your safeness knowing that of this relatives is a very best priorities when coming up with each one of decisions. The information here is going to help you to determine an excellent size trampoline for your family.

Consider the Size of Your Backyard


The size from the trampoline with enclosure net you decide will depend on several factors. How big is the backyard is the just about all obvious. It may well not generate sense to obtain a huge round trampoline if you have only modest yard.

A considerable sized trampoline may well not get right for your family. Many adult do not include the upper body toughness to perform flips in a huge apparatus.

Know Who Will be Using the Trampoline

Apt to want to bear in mind wherever to maintain your trampoline with net. A smaller model may possibly fit better in the shed or garage in the event you do not have many space.

Double Check The Weight Limits

To work out that might dimensions are right to get your own loved ones, think about how precisely precisely many folks will employ it. If you prepare on using your outdoor trampoline with several children for once, you have to have a greater model so everyone provides enough room to bounce safely.

Also remember the fact that the weight limit for every single jump spot differs between models, so if many members of the friends and family feel like making synchronize jumps, you need to get a greater model with additional weight bearing.

Remember to Choose a Trampoline that’s Right for You

Buy the appropriate trampoline for kids. Why? Injuries on Trampolines. Accidents on larger trampolines will be more common, many folks thought.

Large trampolines more difficult to get on / off in. They have more suspension systems, which increases the probability of injury. They are able to tip over easier, sending the child flying into anything solid like the wall and also around the corner atmosphere.

What Size Should You Get?

A superb rule in thumb for trying to figure out what size to find is probably: this( in years) and something equals how high your trampoline needs to be.

For example, a half a dozen yr old would want an 8 'substantial trampoline while another 7 year- old will require an 11 substantial one. If there is just one person using that, it is best to add about a couple of feet to that amount.

Trampoline Size Chart for All







Indoor / Outdoor


Mini Trampoline




4.5ft-10ft Trampoline


Indoor & Outdoor


6ft-12ft Trampoline




12ft-16ft Trampoline


Outdoor / In-ground


14ft Trampoline+


Outdoor / In-ground

Adult (Gymnast)

10x17ft Trampoline



Adult (Fitness)





How to Measure Round Trampolines

Measure from edge to edge. Start one aspect of the frame and conclusion on the various other side. This way you can get an accurate measurement. 

The diameter for this outdoor trampoline with safety net are calculated by testing from edge to another. It's the most significant description to take. The dimension within the trampoline can decide how many nearly everybody can very quickly apply with only a presented time(maximum weight capacity).

Divide the measurement by means of 1.32 to compute how many sq. feet from bouncing area per brain(for example, if you have a 12 a considerable foot trampoline, each people will have approximately 9 square meters available).


Subsequently, when choosing your trampoline size, you should look the specifics of the backyard and family. Are these the best immediate goals? Do you want something big more than enough to fit a few kids at once? Get sure to research the trampolines that interest you before purchasing.


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Emily McGeorge

Emily McGeorge

Your breakdown of different trampoline sizes is fantastic. When it comes to a 6 ft trampoline, you’ve highlighted its compact nature and suitability for younger kids or limited outdoor spaces. This size is ideal for my family, so we found the perfect one and I wanted to recommend it:

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