How to install Jumpfly basketball hoop for trampoline

To assemble your trampoline basketball hoop on your Jumpfly Trampoline, please follow the steps below:

Step 1.

Check if all components are complete according to the instructions.


Step 2.

Erect the backboard, place the basketball hoop in the corresponding position in front of the backboard, and place the fixed seat in the corresponding position behind the backboard.


Then place the four long screws in the hole positions and tighten them with the attached small wrench.



Step 3.

Place the adjustable fix rod in the corresponding position and tighten it with screws.


Step 4.

Place the fix blade on the trampoline pole and secure it. Then secure the other end with the adjustable fix rod.



Step 5.

Install the basketball net onto the basket.


This completes the assembly and installation of your Jumpfly Trampoline Basketball Hoop.

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Ridiculous quest there. What happened after? Thanks!

Ridiculous quest there. What happened after?Thanks!

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