Top 5 14ft trampoline on the market

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on choosing the ideal 14ft trampoline for your family's bouncing adventures. In this blog, we'll explore the factors that make a trampoline suitable for families and provide a list of the top 5 14ft trampolines currently dominating the market.

What kind of family is a 14ft trampoline suitable for

For families with multiple kids:

If you have 3 or more kids in your family or if you're looking for a trampoline that both adults and kids can enjoy together, opting for a 14ft trampoline is highly recommended. The larger jumping area ensures that everyone can have a great time simultaneously, making it a fantastic choice for family bonding through active play.

Ideal for Ample Backyard Space:

Another crucial consideration is the available space in your backyard. If you have at least 14ft by 14ft of space, choosing a 14ft trampoline provides more room for jumping and ensures a safer environment. The extra space allows for a wider range of motion and minimizes the risk of accidental collisions, offering a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Perfect for Parties and Gatherings:

Hosting a party or gathering with a bunch of energetic kids? A 14ft trampoline is an excellent choice for such occasions. Its larger size accommodates more jumpers at once, providing endless entertainment for the little ones. Whether it's a birthday celebration or a weekend get-together, the 14ft trampoline becomes the highlight of the party, ensuring hours of laughter and fun.

Top 5 14ft Trampolines in the Market

 1. Skybound 14FT SkySoar Trampoline

skybound 14ft trampoline

  • The trampoline holds multiple safety certifications, exceeding both US and EU standards.
  • The high-density, UV-resistant safety enclosure, and foam-padded poles with additional PE sleeves enhance safety.
  • The high-dip galvanized frame with U-shaped legs and balanced connection points provides stability and durability.
  • Featuring 72 heavy-duty springs, a no-gap design, and a UV-tested jumping mat.
  • US-based customer service, clear installation instructions, and an industry-leading warranty.

2. ACON Air 14ft Black

ACON Air 14ft Black

  • Stylish black design adds sophistication to your backyard.
  • Synergy Design maximizes bounce potential for an enjoyable jumping experience.
  • Premium safety enclosure with high walls, thick paddings, and sturdy zipper door.
  • Sustainability commitment, eco-conscious sourcing, and 100% spare parts guarantee.
  • Comprehensive package includes the best bounce, UV-protected enclosure, and a sturdy step ladder.

     3. Jumpfly 14ft Trampoline


    • Upgraded G-shaped Springs for durability
    • Two-Structure Safety Net for added protection
    • Massive 450lb Weight Limit
    • UV-stabilized padding, anti-graze jumping mat, and safety net for child safety
    • Guarantees an excellent bounce experience

    4. BERG Champion Trampoline


    • Jumping mats allows more air to pass through, reducing resistance and enabling higher jumps.
    • TwinSpring springs mounted in a V-shape for increased jumping power.
    • Thick UV-resistant protective edge for additional safety.
    • Super strong frame designed to handle extra load with ease.

    5. JumpKing 14ft Trampoline


    • Designed to keep the enclosure net away from poles during jumping for enhanced safety.
    • JumpKing trampolines undergo rigorous testing, meeting/exceeding ASTM standards.
    • Improve frame stability, prevent twisting during use, made of rust-resistant galvanized steel.
    • Features a curved door, dual zipper, and clip closure system to prevent contact with springs or the metal frame.


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