Trampolines vs. Treadmills: Which Is Best for You?

trampoline or treadmill

Trampolines and treadmills are both exercise equipment that can contribute to improved physical fitness and overall health. While they offer different types of workouts and have distinct features, they do have some commonalities:

Cardiovascular Benefits

Both trampolines and treadmills can provide cardiovascular benefits. They can help increase your heart rate, improve circulation, and enhance cardiovascular endurance when used regularly.

Calorie Burn

Both trampoline and treadmill workouts can help you burn calories. The number of calories burned depends on the intensity and duration of your exercise session.

Customizable Workouts

You can customize your workouts on both trampolines and treadmills to target specific fitness goals. For example, you can focus on endurance, interval training, or even incorporate strength exercises.

Low Impact Options

Trampolines and some treadmill models offer low-impact exercise options. This is beneficial for individuals who need to protect their joints or have specific medical conditions.

What are the difference between Trampoline and Treadmill

Impact on Joints

  • Trampoline: Trampolining is generally considered low-impact on the joints, making it suitable for individuals with joint issues or those looking to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Treadmill: Treadmill workouts can have a higher impact on joints, especially when running. This makes treadmills less suitable for individuals with joint problems.

Space and Location

  •  Trampoline: Trampolines typically require more space, whether they are indoor or outdoor models. This may limit their suitability for smaller living spaces.
  •  Treadmill: Treadmills are designed for indoor use and can be more space-efficient, making them suitable for home gyms or apartments.

Variety of Workouts

  • Trampoline: Trampolines offer a range of exercise possibilities, including bouncing, jumping, aerobics, and even strength training exercises. This variety can keep workouts interesting.
  • Treadmill: Treadmills primarily offer walking, jogging, or running exercises, with the ability to adjust speed and incline. While there are some variations, the workout types are more limited compared to trampolines.

Fun and Enjoyment

  • Trampoline: Many people find trampolining to be enjoyable and fun, which can motivate them to exercise regularly.
  • Treadmill: Treadmill workouts may be seen as less enjoyable by some individuals, particularly if they find running or walking in place monotonous.

Weight Loss Potential

  • Trampoline: Trampolining can be effective for calorie burning and cardiovascular fitness but may be less effective for weight loss compared to higher-intensity treadmill workouts.
  • Treadmill: Treadmills, especially when used for running, can burn a significant number of calories and are often favored for weight loss.

Which one to choose

"Jumping is the new walking" as far as health experts are concerned, says USA Today Health and Lifestyle Expert Dr. Derek Alessi. "Trampolines are great exercise for people of all ages. They are an ideal way to work the big muscle tissue - in fact much better than a treadmill for burning calories."

Trampolines are fun and they work your quads and glutes. If your goal is to burn more calories, jump, become more explosive and have fun - a trampoline is the way to go, according to Dr. Derek and local physical therapist Dr. Brandy Golden.

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