Taking Flight: A Comparative Guide to Trampoline Parks and Backyard Trampolines

The choice between a trampoline park and a backyard trampoline depends on your preferences and needs. Trampoline parks offer a variety of activities and a social experience but come with a cost and may require travel. Backyard trampolines are more convenient and cost-effective for regular use but require maintenance and safety precautions.

Should you take your kids to a trampoline park?

trampoline park for kids

The benefit

1) Helps your kids burn energy:

It's common knowledge that young kids are brimming with energy, and finding engaging and constructive outlets for their vitality is crucial. Bouncing on trampolines can be incredibly advantageous for children. Jumping not only provides a fun experience but also effectively expends a significant amount of energy – roughly equivalent to half an hour of running. Trampolines are particularly suitable for young children because they are a familiar and timeless source of amusement, cherished by generations of kids.


2) Improves physical health:

To adults, the act of jumping on a trampoline might appear trivial, but for children, it serves as a valuable platform for refining and enhancing their physical skills. A prime example is how, during these jumps, children must meticulously align their bodies to land accurately. With practice, they can hone this skill, thereby improving their muscle control and spatial awareness. These fundamental abilities not only benefit them in various future endeavors but also prove advantageous in other athletic pursuits.

3) It is a great venue for celebrations:

Kids love to celebrate their birthdays at an interesting outdoor venue with their friends. But, usually such venues are boring for adults. So, if your child’s birthday is coming up and you are planning to invite your child’s friends as well as your family, consider having it at a trampoline park. Many trampoline parks offer special group rates and all of your guests will remember the event for a long time because it will be different and great fun for all of them.

sky zone

Sky Zone Trampoline Park offers a variety of birthday party packages to choose from.

The drawbacks

Trampoline parks offer exhilarating experiences, but they also come with several cons and potential drawbacks


Visiting a trampoline park can be expensive, especially for families or large groups. The initial admission fee, along with additional charges for socks, lockers, or other amenities, can add up quickly.

urbanair trampoline park

(Ticket of urbanair trampoline park)

The single ticket is around $25, and generally there is a time limit, which can only be played for 90 to 120 minutes.


Some trampoline parks may struggle to maintain cleanliness due to the high volume of users. This can be concerning, especially in light of contagious illnesses and skin infections that can spread in such environments.


Trampoline parks can get incredibly noisy and crowded, which might not be enjoyable for those seeking a quieter and more relaxed recreational experience.

Should you bring your kids a trampoline?

The benefit


Having a trampoline in your backyard means you can jump whenever you want without the need for travel. It's a convenient option for daily exercise and fun.


You have the privacy of your own home, which can be more appealing if you prefer not to be in a public setting or want to control who uses the trampoline.


While the initial cost of purchasing a backyard trampoline can be significant, it can be more cost-effective in the long run since you don't have to pay for admission each time you use it.

The drawbacks


Backyard trampolines require regular maintenance, including cleaning, checking for safety issues, and seasonal disassembly/storage to protect them from harsh weather.


Backyard trampolines require a significant amount of space. The size of the trampoline you choose will determine how much space you need. A standard-sized trampoline can range from 8 to 15 feet in diameter, and you must ensure you have enough room in your backyard to accommodate it safely.

 space for backyard trampoline

(Image form kahuna trampoline)

Consider your budget, space availability, safety concerns, and how often you plan to use the trampoline when making your decision. Additionally, think about whether you prefer a social, communal experience or a more private and convenient one. Both trampoline parks and backyard trampolines have their advantages, so weigh these factors carefully to determine which option best suits your needs and preferences.






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